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Welcome to Qube Money!

To our Simple friends, we’re here for you.

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FDIC | Qube Money

The Qube Money Card is issued by Choice Financial Group, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa.

The Qube Money Difference

We realize the recent announcement isn’t easy. We are sorry to see Simple go. They share our vision for financial health, purpose, and fulfillment. We appreciate all that they have done for our industry.

We also understand the need for funding and how easy it is to be consumed by larger banks. Qube Money is doing things differently to ensure we can achieve our mission of helping you achieve your genuine purpose of money for life.

How is Qube similar to Simple?

Simple began as a bank and added budgeting features. Qube Money was a budgeting app that became a bank.
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Don’t take our word for it...

"Personally, Qube is what I always wished Simple was. Simple gives you budgets, but they are really imaginary restraints. You can spend beyond any given budget at any time. Qube has hard limits built in, and not just for the total budget, but for each individual category."
"Qube is all we’ve found that allows you to have one single joint account number like Simple. One and others open an account with a separate number for each “pocket”/category/Qube, and you share that specific category."
"I currently use Simple and [don’t like] it. I feel Qube is much better. But I also like a more detailed budget. Simple safe-to-spend has also been inaccurate frequently for us because of pending charges and their many different states. I also started using Simple a few months before Qube was announced. We've been hobbling it along in anticipation of Qube."
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How to set up
Qube like Simple

Qubes are similar to Simple’s “Expenses” and “Goals.”

  • Green Check | Qube Money

    Decide what’s important

  • Green Check | Qube Money

    Fund your qubes

  • Green Check | Qube Money

    Spend with purpose.

Don’t like our ProActive Spending method? Select Default Open in the qube settings and it will stay on just like the Safe to Spend.

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Qube’s spending methodology

Our card is engineered so that you are the only one who can use it. Our Default Zero technology requires a qube to be manually opened from your phone before those funds are authorized. Set up customizable rules to automate recurring charges. Set a qube as default open, so your card is always ready to spend.

Here for the long haul!

We forgo the quick return for long term value

We do not share or sell customer data

We treat our customers with honesty and care to forge lasting relationships

We partner with companies and investors that align with our vision

We charge a monthly account fee for advanced features to provide a higher quality user experience, customer support, security, and privacy for our users. This puts us in a position of strength and reduces dependence on outside funding

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