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You Teach Budgeting. We Implement it!

Want your audience or customers to achieve long-term success with your teachings?

Qube is the most effective cash flow management system in the world! We took the power of Cash Envelope Budgeting and built a banking app into it. The result is user-created, purpose-driven simplicity!

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Personalize the experience for your audience.

Your name and photo will be entered in on the sign-up screen continuing the trust from your website to ours.

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Get Paid to Share

Earn $15 for all your paid sign-ups. Your people will also receive 2 months free on any Annual Account Fee payment.

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Dream Dashboard

Links, codes, signups and payout. It’s all here so you can see the success of your traffic.

Lead attribution is hard. We’ve made it easy with our in house system offering both links and special codes so your audience can zip right in and enjoy your personalized experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Affiliate?
Our Qube Affiliates are bloggers, influencers, financial coaches, churches, or anyone who loves talking about financial freedom and has an audience.
Do I need a Qube Account?
Yes! We want you to experience the power of Qube for yourself. Apply for a Qube account here.
How do I get paid?
You will be able to view your earnings in the dashboard. We can direct deposit your earnings right into your Qube account or other bank account.
Are there any requirements?
You can apply for our affiliate program for free here.