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Money transformation for couples

More Transparency. More Communication. More Dreams.


Budgeting done better with a partner.

Nothing better than working towards a goal with your best friend. Share dreams, photos, links, and shopping lists. Plan, live and remember. Qube makes it easy for couples to build their dreams together.

Set your budgeting goals… Together.

Ever had a moment of weakness? Partner permissions can help you work together as a team to reach your budgeting goals. Partner permissions can be turned on or off in each shared qube. To spend or tranfer money, in-app approval is required by both members of your team.

Jenny opened a QubeQube MoneynowJenny spent $56.95Qube Moneynow

Be notified of each others spending and budget goals.

Transparency is a beautiful thing. Qube balances, reports, and ledgers automatically update in real time on both phones. Turn on or off each notification in each qube.

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Your very own companion card

Digital cash envelopes for two. Finally, couples can build their financial lives together with complete transparency. Two Cards. Two phones. Two people. One Plan. Both people can spend at the same time.

My husband and I are so excited about Qube and are really hopeful that it will help us in a way nothing else has been able to. We are hard core Dave Ramsey fans (no debt, saving for a house, etc) but I just can’t do the cash envelope thing - visits to the bank, hand tracking, etc - and no matter how hard we try, coordinating a budget between two people is rough. I think Qube will be the final tool to help us achieve the financial peace we’re working so hard for.
Katie Todd

Chore tracking

Keep a simple chore list for your family members - jobs, hours, and payment all in one place. Easy and simple.

In Qube notes

The perfect place to share dreams, photos, links, and shopping lists. In-app notes, is a place where money and dreams come together.

Qube bill pay

Separate money for each bill. See due dates, bill amount, and allocated funds. All in one place.

Ditch the spread sheet and let Qube do the work for you.

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