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Money transformation for couples.

More Transparency. More Communication. More Dreams.


Building dreams together.

Digital cash envelopes for two.

Two cards. Two phones. Two people. One plan.

Finally, a couples budgeting app and joint bank account where you can build your lives together.

Money is the #1 cause of fights in relationships.

Tired of fighting about money?

Other apps only tell you what you have done in the past. Qube Money transforms the environment of your money, so making decisions together in the moment and maintaining a shared vision for the future is possible.

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Live in the know.

Make better decisions with your money together. Accurate, real-time balances create awareness, transparency and better communication.

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Two companion cards.

When you and your companion join Qube Money, you’ll each get your own personalized debit card.

One of the hardest things to do is to make a budget and stick to it. Qube makes it so easy! It is helping us become debt free.
MorganHealthcare Admin

Coming Soon

Chore tracking

Keep a simple chore list for your family members - jobs, hours, and payments all in one place.

In Qube notes

The perfect place to share dreams, photos, links, and shopping lists. In-app notes is a place where money and dreams come together.

Qube Bill Pay

Separate money for each bill. See due date, bill amount, and allocated funds all in one place.

Payday 2 Days Early

Direct deposit through a qualified employer and access your check two days early.

Roundup Technology

Build your savings goals effortlessly. Add the unnoticed cents to fund your financial priorities.

Subscription Control

Tired of free trials turning into monthly subscriptions? Set the parameters and Qube stops unwanted payments.

Ditch the spreadsheet and let Qube do the work for you.

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