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The safest debit card on the planet.

The Qube Money Visa debit card has a default $0 balance. This means you’re the only one that can spend from it. If it’s lost or stolen, hackers would also have to hack your mobile device to steal your money.

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FDIC | Qube Money

The Qube Money Card is issued by Choice Financial Group, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa. All Qube accounts are FDIC insured by our sponsor bank, Choice Financial Group, up to $250,000.


You won’t find another bank with our level of security. Seriously.

No other bank gives you the same level of privacy and control. We offer multiple layers of security to ensure your money and account are safe.
"“This morning some criminal tried to buy an Apple Watch on Walmart + with my Qube card. It was denied. Ha...Ha...Ha...I have not found a single reason why Qube isn’t the bank of the future. Thank you to this amazing team, that I’m sure will save people $$$$ and tons of headaches. Thank you Qube Money, for giving people big time peace of mind!”"
Mickel Santana

Know in the moment and stay in control.

Notification controls allow you to verify Qube is paying who you want and no one else. You’ll also get notified when money enters or leaves your account in real-time.

Best in industry standards.

Your information is 128-bit level encrypted. You also have access to more sophisticated technology like Touch ID or facial recognition, use it!


We don’t just say your privacy is important to us — it is.

We follow federal bank regulations to protect your identity and gather personal information to ensure you are you. We don’t like when people share or sell our private information, so we won’t share or sell yours.

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