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Qube Benefits

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What is Qube Benefits?

Qube Benefits is a banking and budgeting app combo with a simple guide to help employees systemize spending money with intention. The secret to financial success is following a budget. Qube enables people to spend from their budget, so they can stay on track and make better spending decisions. When spending is under control, debt elimination and retirements savings happen naturally. The result is more peace, joy, and freedom with money and greater productivity at work.

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Solving Financial Anxiety

Poor financial health is crushing the world. When employees are stressed about money it often leads to irritation and distraction, then conflict, then damaged relationships, and finally separation. The result is lost productivity and elevated turnover costs.

Other financial health programs focus on education. Education alone doesn’t change habits. People wake up to the same bank account, the same credit cards, and the same triggers leading to the same behavior.

Qube Benefits connects education with a different system of saving and spending money. The result is more awareness, better spending decisions, and financial health.

Here’s how it works

Simple as cash, easy as a card

Create your Qubes

Qubes are like micro bank accounts so you can easily divvy up your money for everything you spend and save money on.

Tap to Spend

Load your card by simply tapping the balance next to the qube you'd like to spend from.

Swipe the Card

The money comes out of your qube and your card is reset back to a zero balance.

Your people save $400+ a month using our method

Our patented proactive spending method requires you to check your budget before your spend. This keeps your money safe from thefts and helps you make better spending decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Qube Benefits an app?

Qube Benefit is an online, self-paced financial wellness program that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and from any device. It includes 1) Qube Masters, a financial course organized in simple 5-minute lessons and activities designed to systemize healthy spending and saving and 2) The Premium version of Qube Money, a banking and budgeting system with a connected Qube debit card allowing you to divvy up your money into budget categories and then spend and save from those categories. Qube Money can be accessed online or by downloading the app to use on the go.

What kind of results can I expect?

Within six months, participants will enjoy more confidence and control with money, stronger relationships in and outside of the home, and higher productivity and focus on the job.

How much does Qube Benefits cost?

We consider several factors to determine the cost of Qube Benefit specifically for your employees. Connect with our team to learn more about what goes into Qube Benefit’s financial wellness program pricing.

How does Qube Benefits work?

Companies purchase Qube Benefits licenses for a desired number of employees and receive an online portal to give those employees access to the Qube Masters financial health course and the Qube Money banking app. The company will also receive access to a dashboard to track the number of people who engage with Qube Benefits through its portal.