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Envelope | Qube Money

Envelope budgeting for the 21st Century.

The old envelope budgeting method has helped millions of people. Today cash is clunky and outdated. Our digital cash envelope banking and budgeting system is the perfect solution for the modern world.

"We have attempted the cash envelope system, but we don’t like carrying cash. So much of our shopping is done online. I love that Qube Money is a “real time” spending system, and the key word for us is AUTOMATIC!"
Lisa Small Business Consultant

Qube is easy. Let's show you.

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Store Qube Money | Qube Money
Qube Money
Step One

Deposit money into your Qube account.

Safely and securely deposit money into your Qube Money account. All money deposited in Qube Money is held by Choice Financial Group, Member FDIC. Qube Money’s tech enables you to organize and fund your qubes.

Tree | Qube Money
Qube | Qube Money
Member FDIC | Qube Money
Qube Money
Step Two

Design your plan.

Creating qubes gives every dollar a job. Qubes are like virtual accounts or budget envelopes to easily manage and track your money.

Different ways to use Qubes

  • Green Check | Qube Money
    Create better spending habits
  • Green Check | Qube Money
    Pay off debt and keep track of bills
  • Green Check | Qube Money
    Save for things you want
Budget and Spending Templates | Qube Money
Budget & Spending Templates | Qube Money
Qube Money
Step Three

Allocate your funds.

Divvy up your money into your qubes. Now, simply click your spending qube balance to spend. Set customizable rules to enable auto-pay for your bills.  And save money for your goals and dreams.

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Budget Plans App | Qube Money | Qube Money
Budget Plans App | Qube Money
Qube Money
Step Four

Live in the know.

Accurate, real-time qube balances create awareness. Make better decisions with your money.

Black Woman Holding Phone Looking Up Smiling With Blue Background | Qube Money
"Since I have started, I don’t have that end of the month anxiety. That is a huge thing… That was something that I didn’t actually expect, the peace of mind that comes from using the system."
Chris Senior Marketing Specialist
Qube Money

Qubes for saving

Save for what you really want. Set goals with loved ones. Work towards goals with transparency.

Qubes for bills

Allocate bill funds, schedule due dates, and automate payments all in one place.

Qubes for spending

Users save an average of $440 more per month without feeling restricted.

Qubes for family

Learn and share money together. Create qubes with your children to teach them healthy money habits.

Qubes for couples

Building dreams is done better together. Share, plan and grow money as a team.