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The Power of Digital Banking with Cash Envelopes

We change the environment of money, making saving and spending money with purpose easy for everyone.


The cash envelope system made easy.

We invented digital cash envelopes. Real-time financial awareness without the hassle of tracking expenses, updating spreadsheets, and carrying cash.

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"Qube is so easy to use and makes planning and executing my budget simple and concise. Mostly I love the peace of mind I've had since using Qube. The anxiety and stress I used to feel about spending money is gone!"
Keresa Stay-at-home Mom

Become a power couple.

Managing money with a partner can be hard. Qube Money’s innovative Joint Account empowers couples with digital cash envelopes to make building their dreams together easier.

Qube For Couples
"This is one of the best budgeting apps in the marketplace. I love how easy it is to use the virtual debit card. All my kids have downloaded the app and we are all able to set our monthly budgets. Love it! Thanks, guys for coming up with this great tool."
Doug Financial Services

"The platform has the power to be one of the most transformative tools for spenders"

— Robert Farrington, The College Investor


Become the super hero parent your kids deserve.

Do you want your kids to be smart with money? Creating qubes with your children teaches them healthy money habits. It's never too late to become their superhero.

Qube For Families
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All money deposited in Qube Money is held with bank partner, Choice Financial Group, Member FDIC. Choice Financial Group holds your money; Qube Money gives your money life.

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Not just a smart card, but a safe card, too.

Qube Money keeps your money safe.

The Qube Card is engineered so you are the only one who can use it. Default Zero* technology requires a spending qube to be opened from your phone for transactions to be approved. With bill qubes, you can customize simple rules to automate your subscriptions and bill payments keeping you in control of who can deduct money from your account.

* All money deposited in Qube Money is held with bank partner, Choice Financial Group, Member FDIC. The Qube Money Card is issued by Choice Financial Group, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa.

The most successful budgeting system is cash envelopes, but it’s hard. Our patented digital banking system makes it easy, empowering people to save money and stick to a budget.

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Save more with Qube Money.

Divvy Up Your Money

Organize your money so it's clean and easy to manage.

Spend With Purpose

Choose which qube you want money to come from before you spend.

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Users save an average of $440 more per month without feeling restricted.