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A passionate team who wants to see people live more.

Shane Walker Founder & Vice President | Qube Money Team
Scott Henderson & Ryan Clark | Qube Money Team
Jay Anderton, Drew Porter, Ryan Clark, Shane Walker & Scott Henderson | Qube Money Team
Drew Porter | Chief Product Officer | Qube Money Team

Building an app that leads people to financially healthy lifestyles.

We are passionate about helping others experience financially healthy lifestyles. Financial fulfillment happens when one’s use of money and one’s purpose for money align. We build easy banking solutions to make spending and saving with purpose a seamless part of everyday life.

Qube Money’s Story

Poor financial health is crushing the world. As a financial health coach, founder, Ryan Clark, has watched people he cared for very much repeatedly fall back into poor money habits. Over the years, Ryan became disenchanted with the existing budgeting apps, debt reduction systems, and savings programs. None of them addressed the root cause of the problem, spending.

In 2015, Ryan was referred to a couple who had been making over $250,000 for ten years. They were struggling paycheck-to-paycheck. They had the latest toys, the best box office tickets, and a beautiful home, but virtually nothing for retirement. They sincerely asked Ryan to help them make the next ten years different than the last ten years.

Ryan spent many hours putting together a budget and spending plan to help them transform their financial situation. Despite his extended efforts, within three months, they had fallen off the plan. Within one year, this couple was divorced. This weighed on Ryan heavily because his parents were divorced largely because of financial stress.

Although Cash Envelopes are tough to use long-term, it is the only budgeting platform he has watched bring lasting results to his clients. Ryan met with a good friend who is a payment processing developer to explore the idea of “digital cash envelopes” in hopes of delivering people from the tyranny of money.


Meet our friendly, passionate team.

Ryan Clark

Founder and CEO

Shane Walker

Founder and Executive VP

Jay Anderton

Chief Operations Officer

Sarib Mahmood

Chief Product Officer

Adam McKinley

VP of Development

Kaden Walker

Security Manager

Brittney Murdock

Customer Support Manager

Scott Henderson

Marketing Manager

Mason Neipp

Software Development Manager

Kristina Ainge

Social Media Manager

Emma Helquist

Executive Assistant / Qube Advocate

Kaylee Dunn

Product Designer

Mallory Christensen

Marketing Designer

Samuel Lopez

Junior Developer

Aaron Meads

IT Specialist

Solid team with solid values.

Empowerment - We believe each individual has a voice. We act as though each individual is uniquely AWESOME and IMPORTANT!

Purposeful - We believe purpose aligns people with God and themselves enabling them to give more to family and others.

Freedom - We are bold defenders of freedom.

Charity - We are proactive and joyful about serving others.

Security - We are fierce protectors of private information and customer assets.