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The banking app where parents and kids manage their money together.
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Smiling Family Member | Qube Money
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A debit card for kids.

The full power of Qube.

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Everything from Premium+

  • Up to 10 family members
  • Kid/Teen accounts (under 18)
  • Parent view


  • Authorized adult accounts
  • Parent permissions
  • In-app money requests
  • Kid card designs

Family Features

Family Members | Qube Money

Up to 10 Family Members

Add up to 10 authorized users, plus a companion, for a maximum of 12 total users on your Family account.

Parent View

Switch views on the web or in the app to see your kid’s qubes, budget, and spending.

In-App Money Requests

Send and request money directly from another Qube user within the app.

Coming Soon

Parent Permissions

Added control for parents lets you authorize or restrict the actions kids can take within their account.

Coming Soon


Is there a minimum age?
There's no minimum (or maximum!) age to add a kid or other authorized user to your Family account.
What information is required?
To add a child to your Family account, you'll need their date of birth, mobile phone number, and unique email address. In the future you'll be able to add other adults such as adult children, grandparents and nannies, as well as minors who don't have their own phone number. Click here for the most up-to-date information on who you can add at this time.
Does my kid see my account and qubes?
Nope! Your kid and other authorized users will only see their own account and qubes. Qubes are not shared. You can switch views within the mobile app and web to see their qubes, but they won't be able to see yours.
How much does it cost?
Family plans start as low as $11.50 per month, which includes an account companion and up to 10 additional authorized users. Click here for the latest pricing and account features.
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