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Money transformation for couples.

Joint Accounts let you share how you want, when you want, with whomever you want.

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Joint Accounts Are Now Available As Part of Premium!

Best Budget App for Couples | Qube Money
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Building dreams together.

Digital cash envelopes for two.

Two cards. Two phones. Two people. One plan.

Finally, a couples budgeting app and Joint Account where you can build your lives together.

Getting started is easy.

You don’t even have to be in the same place


Both people will go through the account sign up process, just like you would if you were signing up for one account.


Decide who the primary user is going to be and set up your qubes and budget within one account.


The primary user will send a link to the secondary user, which will join the accounts.

"My not-so-techie husband has gotten the hang of it and now that he has his own LINKED companion card, he likes it! I am the money manager and primary spender of the family. This is so great because now he can see the fruits of his labor and how we are intentionally spending (and saving) it! Thank you!!!! 👏 👏 👏 🙌"
Meg Virginia

Money is the #1 cause of fights in relationships.

Tired of fighting about money?

Other apps only tell you what you have done in the past. Qube Money transforms the environment of your money, so making decisions together in the moment and maintaining a shared vision for the future is possible.

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Get on the same page.

Make better decisions with your money together. Accurate, real-time balances create awareness, transparency, and better communication.

Partner notifications:

Qube Opened
Purchased Amount
Purchase Location
"Best approach to budgeting I’ve seen ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Qube truly is the best approach to budgeting and money management I’ve seen. My husband and I have always kept tight budgets and track our money very closely, but this format has easily been the best way to stay accountable to our goals and spend less. Highly recommend!"
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Two companion cards.

When you and your companion join Qube Money, you’ll each get your own personalized debit card.

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See if a Joint Account is right for you by taking our quick quiz:

If you can check any of these boxes, then a Joint Account is right for you.

If any of these sounds like you, then you’re the right candidate for a Joint Account.

What exactly are Joint Accounts?

Joint Accounts allow you to invite a special person into your financial life by spending and saving from the same qubes. You’ll each have your own accounts with individual debit cards, but it will feel like the same account.

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Private Qubes

Create private qubes for things like birthdays, gifts, and personal spending that you don’t want your partner to see.

In-Qube Notes

Inside each qube, share dreams, photos, links, and shopping lists. In-app notes is a place where money and dreams come together.

Partner Permissions

Customize how you want to recieve notifications. Partner spending over $100? Get notified and approve the purchase before they spend.

Qube Share

Share a qube with anyone in your life. Saving for a trip with your girlfriends or buddies? Save the money together in a qube before the trip.

Upload Receipts

Add your receipt to any transaction to keep track of all spending. This helps in case you lose the physical receipt and you need to return an item.

Historical Spending

It’s helpful for partners to see the progress they’re making toward their goals. Our robust spending details will keep everything in one place.

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