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Four monthly payments of $81

Post Launch:
$8/mo or
$192 for 2 years

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Lifetime Memberships


Great Value$288$216Everything from Basic account+Individuals
  • Unlimited qubes
  • Qube groups
  • Budget automation
  • QubeShare
  • In-qube notes
  • Subscription controls
  • Roundup technology
  • Companion cards
  • Partner permissions
  • Shared account


Best For Families$540$324Everything from Premium account+ 
  • Up to 10 kids accounts
  • Adult cards
  • Teen cards
  • Kid cards
  • Parent view
  • Parent permissions
  • In-app money requests
  • Chore tracking

Everything you need to manage money all in one place.

Qube Money

7 financial apps all-in-one

Financial Apps

BudgetingAnnual Price
You Need a Budget$144
Average Annual Cost$131
Mobile Banking (Early Pay, High-yield savings, No Fee Banking)
Average Annual Cost$0
Companion Cards
Average Annual Cost$48
Teen/Kid Debit Cards(Based on 3 kids)
Rooster Money$19
Average Annual Cost$82.75
Peer-to-Peer Payments
Cash App$0
Average Annual Cost$0
Round-up Technology
Average Annual Cost$84
Subscription Controls
Average Annual Cost$126

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7 Apps for
$472 per year


Qube Family Lifetime
$324 ONCE


Great Value$216

Four monthly payments of $54

Post Launch:
$8/mo or
$192 for 2 years


Best For Families$324

Four monthly payments of $81

Post Launch:
$8/mo or
$192 for 2 years

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10 Problems Qube Money Will Solve

After purchasing a lifetime membership, you will:


Never need to use another budgeting app again

Qube Money combines the best in digital banking and budgeting all in one app.


Create a plan for your money

Get a clear idea of how much money you have coming in and only spend what you plan to spend.


Cut spending on unplanned purchases

Most people spend anywhere from $500 - $1,000 in unplanned purchases per month. It’s time to eliminate that and save $6,000 - $12,000 per year.


Start saving more money

You don’t have to deprive yourself to save money. We make saving money easy by helping you be more intentional with your money.


Finally stick to a budget

We all like the idea of sticking to a budget, but manually tracking spending takes too much time.


Become part of a community of early adopters

You don’t have to feel alone on this journey. We’ve got thousands of people who’ve signed up, and you’ll even be invited to join our FB group.


Feel organized with your money

We give you more control over every dollar to organize your finances according to your financial plan.


No longer worry about losing cash

There are plenty of disadvantages to using cash, and you don’t have to worry about any of them.


You can throw away your cash envelopes

If you’re still stuck trying to manage your spending with physical cash envelopes, it’s time for an upgrade.


Have less stress, guilt, and shame with money

In the U.S. today, all of these are far too common when it comes to money. We’re going to help you eliminate all three.

"Behavioral management is the key to financial success"

What Our Users Are Saying:

One of the hardest things to do is to make a budget and stick to it. Qube makes it so easy! It is helping us become debt free.
MorganHealthcare Admin
My wife and I have argued for years about using the envelope system. Finally, we have something where we won’t be worried about losing an envelope full of cash or leaving it behind!
SamSoftware Engineer
Since I have started, I don’t have that end of the month anxiety. That is a huge thing… That was something that I didn’t actually expect, the peace of mind that comes from using the system.
ChrisSenior Marketing Specialist

Create a plan for your money

Spend on what you value, and reach your financial goals in just minutes each month.

Amazon Qube | Qube Money
Grocery Qube | Qube Money
Shopping Qube | Qube Money
Safe Debit Card | Qube Money

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Great Value$216

Four monthly payments of $54

Post Launch:
$8/mo or
$192 for 2 years


Best For Families$324

Four monthly payments of $81

Post Launch:
$8/mo or
$192 for 2 years

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Case Study: Meet the Mercers

We are a family of five who lives in Kentucky. Faith and family are very important to us, and we want our finances to reflect that. Over the past several years, we have attempted to eliminate all of our debt so that we can live and give like no one else. Outside of our home, the only debt we have is from our student loans.

I originally purchased a Proactive lifetime membership for my wife and myself. It has been a long journey to relaunch as Qube Money, but I am very impressed by everything I have seen from Qube Money thus far with the card, app, support, communication, and response to feedback. This app is everything promised and more.

Once partner accounts are live, I am confident that this will drastically improve our spending. My wife and I do a pretty good job creating a monthly budget, but it is often difficult to stick to each budgeted item because all of the money is still in one pile in our checking account. For us - creating cash envelopes was not feasible or practical. This is the best of both worlds and will allow us to be on the same page and easily keep track of where we are for all of our discretionary spendings. I also love that we can add savings qubes for bigger items down the road. I love the functionality and the mission of Qube Money so much that I am pumped to share it with everyone I know.

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