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Lifetime Memberships

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Great Value$288$216Everything from Basic account+Individuals
  • Unlimited qubes
  • Qube groups
  • Budget automation
  • QubeShare
  • In-qube notes
  • Subscription controls
  • Companion cards
  • Partner permissions
  • Shared account


Best For Families$540$324Everything from Premium account+ 
  • Up to 10 kids accounts
  • Adult cards
  • Teen cards
  • Kid cards
  • Parent view
  • Parent permissions
  • In-app money requests
  • Chore tracking

Eliminate overspending with Qube.

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Users spend an average of $440 less per month using this technology.

Automatically Track

Once a purchase is complete, the remaining balance returns to the qube in real time.

Create Goals

Save for what you really want. Set goals with loved ones. Work towards goals with transparency.