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Smart online banking for the entire family.

Parents and children building healthy money habits together.


Easy and fun family budgeting.

Work together to save for a family goal. Easily share money and link qubes through the family. Everything and everyone together in one place.

Qube Money has simplified sticking to our budget. Partner accountability is a nice added benefit. Having Qube in our wallet makes it easy to see our spending and stick to our goals.
PennyFinancial Coach

Enable your children to learn smart money habits early.

Give your children a head start with personal finance. Get the best of both worlds. Use time‑tested principles you trust and the latest technology they admire. Simple, real-life lessons your children will thank you for teaching them for years to come.

Empower your children with money.

Never agonize about your kids losing money again. Card lost? No problem! The balance on the Qube Teen and Qube Kid Cards is always zero until a qube is opened on the app. We are all about keeping your money safe.

This is one of the best budget apps in the market place. I love how easy it is to use the virtual CC. All my kids have downloaded the app and we are all able to set our monthly budgets. Love it! Thanks guys for coming up with this great tool.
DougFinancial Services

Up to 10 Kid Cards.

When you sign up for the family plan you can get up to 10 Teen/Kid Cards. Give a card to a nanny, babysitter, or grandparent.

Coming Soon

Chore tracking

Keep a simple chore list for your family members - jobs, hours, and payments all in one place.

In Qube notes

The perfect place to share dreams, photos, links, and shopping lists. In-app notes is a place where money and dreams come together.

Qube Bill Pay

Separate money for each bill. See due date, bill amount, and allocated funds all in one place.

Payday 2 Days Early

Direct deposit through a qualified employer and access your check two days early.

Roundup Technology

Build your savings goals effortlessly. Add the unnoticed cents to fund your financial priorities.

Subscription Control

Tired of free trials turning into monthly subscriptions? Set the parameters and Qube stops unwanted payments.

Ditch the spreadsheet and let Qube do the work for you.

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